About Us

Words, words, words… that’s what it’s all about…words and the writers who weave them together into stories that engage, entertain and create a memorable experience, one you can now enjoy anywhere!

When an actress friend asked if we’d ever considered “going audio,” we jumped on the opportunity to record our first book and Pronghorn Press Audio was born as the natural next step to extend the availability of our titles and keep pace with the rapidly expanding world of digital media.

Pronghorn Press, itself, is a small press with an eclectic list.  Since 1999 we’ve been publishing books that interest us over a range of genres. We enjoy working with authors and piloting them through publishing channels and launching their dream. As we expand into the realm of digital production with books in both e-book and audio formats, we’re able to offer even more ways for our authors to share their stories.

Through Pronghorn Press Audio we now produce professionally recorded and unabridged versions of some of our most popular titles as instantly downloadable audiobook files at affordable prices. We’re not a huge company offering everything under the sun, but rather a smaller, more intimate experience with a special selection of audio books we know you’ll enjoy.

Heard any good books lately? We have…and now you can, too!