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Tired of Summer?

Entry posted on: August 9th, 2011 by annette
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It’s summer in Wyoming. We complain all winter of the cold and look forward to the summer months when we can spend more time outside and less bundled up. We long for the freedom of single layers of clothing, bare feet and sandals and packing away the down comforters. Summer comes and we complain of the heat and the mosquitoes! The freedom of lighter clothing is great but it offers more target area to those mosquitoes and now it’s too hot to sleep! Rosanne Rosannadanna was right…it’s always something!

I whinge about the heat (sorry, the last 3 novels I’ve read were British!) like everyone else. The poor folks at our little post office (fortunately not one scheduled for closing!) have suffered more than a month with lack of air conditioning since their system went down, and are forced to wait for a service man to travel this far to repair it. And of course there’s no way to leave the windows open at night to cool down the building as those of us without AC do at home. By contrast, last winter one of the women at the post office mentioned that when she came in to work one morning it was 30 below outside and 70 inside, a 100 degree temperature difference! As I said, “it’s always something.”

We were fortunate this year and had a beautiful and unusually long spring, one that caused some of us gardeners to wonder if our veggies were ever going to get growing in the cool temperatures. (still, we loved the treat of mild temperatures!)

Somehow this weather has been good for my chili crop, so far the plants are bigger than they’ve been in 4 years and I look forward to a good harvest and a kitchen smelling of green chili in the fall as the freezer fills to tide me through the winter. You can take the girl out of Santa Fe but you can’t take Santa Fe out of the girl! And while my chilies and tomatoes are doing well, my neighbor across the street, a much more prolific gardener than I am, complains that her veggies aren’t doing much.

So the chilies are loving the heat, me…not so much. I’ve recently decided I’d like to live somewhere where the temp ranges between 20 and 80. While there must be a few places like that (maybe in the South Pacific…and I doubt it get’s below 50 out there!) there is another requirement that renders the possibilities moot: No humidity.

I’ve lived in the dry “square” states (Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming) for many many years now and cannot tolerate humidity. I was born in Virginia but moved to LA when I was 11 and grew up with beaches and smog and mild temperatures. I hated the lack of seasons and the air that was so thick not only could you not see through it, it now feels to me—my high-and-dry-plains self—as though it requires chewing. The smog, I hear, has improved. And there are many many great things about southern California, but I could never live there again.

I’ve gotten used to living far away from everything, even if it means driving 50 miles to a larger grocery store, Walmart and the nearest movie theater (I tend to wait for cable of NetFlix these days!) or 140 miles to box stores and small shopping centers, the multi-plexes and live music and theater. I like the simple life in a small town where most things I really NEED are within walking distance. (The things I WANT are, for the most part, available online!)

I miss the arts community and being around creative people, liberals who enjoy trying on different ideas for size and who want to share their experiences. That’s the most limiting thing for me in this part of the world, and I do miss it. It’s a trade off. If I can manage to travel a couple of times a year it seems to be enough, and I look forward to that again when the economy finally recovers.

Meanwhile, we work on the new website and I’m suddenly in the middle of 4 book projects, all to be done before the end of the year. When I need a break from the computer screen I go outside and water the chilies!

Enjoy your summer…the holidays will be here before we know it, even though I wish it was fall all year round!

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